"Horatio Alger" lyrics


"Horatio Alger"

You peasants and you paupers, workers don't be fools
The contract has been broken. It's time to right the rules

Whatever happened t the American dream. When dope dealers ride in limousines
While workers struggle for their families. Hypocrisy, yeah it's tragedy
Humanity's a liability in the rat race I'm a casualty. It's hypocrisy

Are we machines tools of the state born to die and bound to fate
While others prosper I can't relate. It's a legacy of hypocrisy
Diligence, vigilence. Won't live my life to serve the rich. No, is this democracy

And the youth man say Make the corporation them pay
Injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere
KB-1 Let them know. Institutionalized Lord, them show no regard
Common people well them work real hard. Social contract forced down the drain
Tell me know who feels the pain. Well check it out what does history say
Peasants paupers indentured servants. Slaves of yesterday wage slaves everyday
By any other name it's the same old game. It's the same old game

Well stand up for your rights to control your plight. Workers of the world it's time to unite
It's revolution time Horatio Alger what about Enron now?
Peasants paupers indentured servants living in debt with no defense
Slaves of yesterday wage slaves everyday. By any other name it's the same old game
It's the same old game

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