"Fuck You" lyrics


"Fuck You"

Paved a future at only fifteen
With a pair of boots, and my head shaved clean
Made a choice and I'll make it last
Never look back, or regret your past
If you wont stand with me
Then I'll stand alone
Never looking past the colors that you've shown

Got nowhere to run, and I'm not gonna hide
Gonna make a stand, come live or die
Come one and all, all takers
Fuck you! fuck you!

Paths I've chose, choices I've made
Mistakes I've made a few
Never turned my back
On a brother we pull through
Staring life in the face
Down the barrel of a gun
No way out, no choices for me
Must live down the things I've done


Friends they come, and friends they go
Brothers they remain
After all is said and done its just not the same
Did I misplace my faith, or was I just naive?
After all the shit you pulled
Who has been deceived?


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