"From Hell To Eternityr" lyrics


"From Hell To Eternityr"

Facing eight years or maybe more, I caught a case just making the score
So I got a night gig at a local strip dive, I'm doing my best just to stay alive
I gotta fight each and every day to struggle in secret to stay humane
I see men falter where other's thrive, doing my best just to stay alive

From hell to eternity, and back again
I've lost all my heroes, my only friend

A broke down shell and a rotting soul, I never though that I'd sink this low
Gotta see Heaven cuz I'm livin Hell, doing my best just to stay alive
The wages of sin must be paid, the time has come when I'll have my say
You can take my freedom but not my pride, doing my best just to stay alive.

It's too late.
Through the foggy plexi-glass I stared into her tear stained eyes
My heart had turned to stone

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