"Destination Desolation" lyrics


"Destination Desolation"

I want the piece I left behind. That fateful day my innocence died
The day when I first tasted blood. A moment forever frozen in time
The outstretched hands of a noble man. Reached to lift me from the ground
In my ear he said, my son, never let the bastards keep you down
Destination desolation I've got a place to go. Destination desolation leave me alone

In these streets, I've found my destiny. In these streets, I have been set free
Destination desolation I've got a place, a place to go

In the darkest comers of my mind memories that wont be denied
I'm a time bomb waiting to explode. Back's to the wall, nowhere to go
Forever haunted by my reckless youth. You cant ever outrun the truth
I'm beating down redemptions path. Will I find peace at last

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