"Boots N' Brooze" lyrics


"Boots N' Brooze"

You Reds and you Nazis are missing the point
My cause and my heritage you seek to exploit
The ground has been set, the foundations been laid
But never has any attention been paid
For all you politicians, from the left and from the right
Shove your so-called fashion
Just fuck off tonight!

Boots and booze tonight
Boots and birds alight

You claim the same old name, but you wear a different face
Full of dreams and aimless schemes about your master race
The reds out on the left, their always preaching at me
Selling me their notions of a world community
Now don't go pointing the finger
The finger of apathy
Just because my politics are where they ought to be!


There's division in the streets, there's hatred in the pubs
The reds their waving banners, the racists swinging clubs
Were the Punks were the Skins, were the Dead End kids, were the Downtown fuckin hooligans
Fight no more amongst yourselves. Lets get together, unite and win!


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