"Bitter End" lyrics


"Bitter End"

Staring in a pint glass
Searching for a revelation
I close ay eyes, I realize
We're heading in a different direction
Please tell me how, just tell me now
Just how we arrived at this
This bitter end still ushers in such a painful loneliness
Green eyes, my green eyes
Where have you gone

We always took their punches
Still refused defeat
You said you found your strength, always at my side
Then you turned and walked
You walked right out the door
Just turned out to be
A worthless fuckin stupid whore

Green eyes, green eyes what have you done?
My green eyes where have you gone?

Lying here so all alone
Holding someone else
No tales of glory, no stories of triumph
I'll end each day in a drunken silence
Left with memories of what we shared, reflections of what could have been
You're the heartless punk, and I'm the faithless skin


You grew up hard, you grew up fast
Look to the future, but you're haunted by the past
Your hearts been broken, so now its your turn
And I'm the first in line
Should have known when to fold, but I died get out in time
Green eyes, my green eyes
Where have you gone

Green eyes, green eyes, never been true
My green eyes I'm through with you
Green eyes, green eyes never been true
My green eyes, fuck you!

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