"The Great American Novel In Three Easy Steps" lyrics


"The Great American Novel In Three Easy Steps"

We rule these nights with an iron-clad fist
We stand in intersections
And scream melodies to what never was or always is
These car seats become thrones to these winding roads
And as her hands wind into mine
With a head on the window pane
Her tears will paint landscapes
(She creates art while drifting in and out of sleep)
Somewhere in the back of your head
There's a typewriter writing your paperback romance
(It's fighting and struggling)
Covered in sweat
Recovering from the last time you tried to smother it in it's sleep
And it can't right if it can't breath
And if it can't write then there's nothing for you to be afraid of
So for now, in the bright lights, I just watch you dance
Twirl and spin
While to the music you're singing
Repeating again and again
Repeating again and again
That's more than a dress
Repeating again and again

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