"Last Chance Rhode Island" lyrics


"Last Chance Rhode Island"

We've got a house of cards
And if we play them right
We just might have a place to sleep tonight
We just might sleep tonight
All bets on an open highway
Singing our lungs out and the smell of gasoline in the morning
Another city where you can find me
And my friends all here around me like we're family
Like we're family

The breeze of another state will find its way into my veins
I'll fall in love with another place
We're only eighteen but we live like we're dying
These mountain ranges captivate
And scrape the sky until it bleeds
To let it rain down on me
Down on me

We write history in headlights and count exit signs
So we can stay awake tonight, tonight
If madmen walk these streets with blind eyes
We'll follow in due time
We're content with our nights
We chase horizons like we kill time
Last chance, Rhode Island
This is where we always thought we'd be

Between and empty apartment and the streets of Providence
We're complete
Yeah, we're complete

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