"Old Souls" lyrics


"Old Souls"

Cold smoke in our lungs and footprints in tall grass.
We’re old souls in new skin, dragged in from the cold.
Fresh tracks trace past our old ugly bitter ways.
You finally found all the courage you needed to say.

We’re old souls in new skin,
but far from the place you’d thought we’d begin,
the place that you’d thought I’d give in.
We’re old souls in new skin,
but far from the end - just waiting, waiting to begin.
You can rearrange me now.
Put my feet back on the ground,
put the blood back in my veins.

I saw your scared stare sinking into me,
but I was bound by weights so I could not tread in a rising sea.
We’re desperate now with our latent fears rising from the wake.
You carry me over. You carry me through.

Thanks to robertjw4688 for these lyrics

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