"Family Tree" lyrics


"Family Tree"

You don't want to die alone.
There's some things I never said.
The words got caught deep inside my throat
And slipped back to my soul.
And now I'm getting old you know
And there's some things I never told you

And I'm not proud of a lot
I'm driving out west for miles and miles and miles
Hold me down cause I'm a mess
I won't stop searching until I found where she went

Hour by hour I fall apart
And this is me that you never saw
Hour by hour I fall apart
This is me that you never saw at all
You threw this all away

I know I said the things I said
I know they never meant a thing
And you weren't there when things got bad
And now I questioned you ever did

And since we put her in the ground
I haven't seen a smile until now
Grab my hand. God bless your soul
I know you'll make it through
I haven't dreamt a lot since then
I keep replaying it in my head
I feel the sweat drip down my brow
I'm void of all your love for now

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