"Write It Down" lyrics


"Write It Down"

I've had my share
Of facing pain
I watched someone I love
Get taken away
Its just not fair
Why’d they leave so soon
Its hard to think that there’s
Nothing we can do

Its something that we share
And I feel it too
But Ill be with you
To struggle through

So I wrote it down
With hope you’ll relate
So you don’t feel alone
With this pain

So I wrote it down
With hope you’ll relate
When I dont have the
Right things to say

It happens so quick
They go before there time
But you’re still here to see
What was left behind

And when the phone calls stop
And most forget
I’ll be there for you
To deal with it

As we get older
We see the things they’ll miss
Getting married and having kids
It’s hard to think they’ll never meet
Someone so important to me
But with stories we can keep them here
So they can be with us through the years

Thanks to RyanxThompson for these lyrics

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