"Safe Place" lyrics


"Safe Place"

Ive tried and failed
And it will happen again
Its hard to find a path
When you know how it will end
In my mind
The grass was greener on the other side
But I couldn’t get there
Until I tried

Afraid to try
Afraid to fail
Afraid to change
But we’re all afraid

For so long
I let it take control
I let self doubt
Grab ahold
How could I?
Could I get away?
From that place I built
Where I felt so safe.

The days I waited
Waited for a change
The weeks I waited
But it never came

The months I waited
Waited for a change
The years I spent waiting
But it never came

Until I tried
Until I failed
Until I changed
Things just stayed the same

Thanks to RyanxThompson for these lyrics

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