"Restless Minds" lyrics


"Restless Minds"

You were looking for a way out
Always looking for some peace
But did the choices that you made
Did they put your mind at ease?

Just like you I was scared to feel
But I didn’t find the answers
In a bottle or a pill

I sing this song
because I loved you man
I know that some of you
Will never understand

You never saw it
Saw that I believed in you
Did you see I shared those demons?
And I was struggling too
To find my way to fight
To find choose
To find way my way to battle
The things that destroyed you

We shared
Yea I shared the pain

But we try
And we try and we try
To find an explanation why
Are we born this way? Can we change?
Its not a choice to feel this pain.
Still searching, still fighting, still hoping
For something to take it all away.

Thanks to RyanxThompson for these lyrics

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