"Give Me The Pain" lyrics


"Give Me The Pain"

Did I ever feel?
I still fall
Lying to myself that I'm over it all
The same delusions are getting old
Tired of feeling like my life’s on hold
Something we shared?
I need to stop asking myself.
It’s always been nice to hold tight
To something that not have ever been right

Give me the pain
Something to hold onto
I am holding on to memories
I need to let go of you

Wandering or free to roam?
I've still never learned to be alone
It was perfect on the surface
Underneath I was always nervous
Can I take a step forward?
I keep turning back
It’s always been nice to hold fast
to something I should have left
in the past

Give me the pain, give me the pain
Who can we blame when our feelings change

Thanks to RyanxThompson for these lyrics

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