"Picture Frame Eyes" lyrics


"Picture Frame Eyes"

Burning hours away watching 90’s reruns ’til 4 o'clock in the morning
I've been so inconsistent and mildly vicious
My nerves have been struck without warning
And this isn't me
I just need to get some sleep

I can't believe you got me so awkwardly talking to myself again in the night
By the TV light
I’m staring down picture frame eyes

I keep racking my brain with excuses to help with the passing of time
I was just so resistant to changing or missing my chances to break from the line
If you could only see the hang-ups
The heartbreak and bang-ups
And bruises on my knuckles tonight
Well, maybe it would change your mind
Maybe I could sleep tonight

I miss the springtime rain
From that patio swing where we planned our escape
Where our silhouettes bounced off the bonfire flames
I miss the springtime rain

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