"No Brains, No Headache" lyrics


"No Brains, No Headache"

I've been fighting to make sense
Of a long few years, grinding gears
Hoping for the best but I was still bitter from fucked up happenstance
It's harder to forgive than to just forget
It's harder to forgive than just forget

I won't waste my breath, my chest is empty as it is

Wearing down on me with everything I do
I never thought it through
I should have seen it coming
I back burned all the warnings
I never thought it through
I never thought it through

John said to take it easy
And it would help to clear my head
But anxiety had it out for me and I seemed to let it win
I guess that's added damage when your heart lives in the past
And I've been telling everyone old stories,
Trying to make our memories last

I've been broken, I've been down from tossing it around in my head again and again
But I won't waste my breath

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