"Mosaic" lyrics



So scatter me across the road
like pieces of broke turn signals
and dance with me between these dotted lines
as we try so hard to save our lives
and we pirouette until we fall
but this drowning dance won't save us at all

With so much effort and these miles to go,
bore on you shoulders with your loss of hope
and when judgement comes from high above,
confess your sins
confess your love
but before we sing
we must learn to speak
while we watch the fittest
trample the weak

Scatter me across the road
like pieces of broke turn signals
collect my pieces and rebuild me
as a mosaic for all to see
and the history books can make this change
but none of you will ever be the same
will ever be the same

Go through your motions
reciting every word
ignoring what we've seen
believing what you've heard
sing praise for all to hear
teach them to sing along
thankful your answer's here
and now we all belong

Your faith is a weapon for those that deceive with what they've told.

Thanks to Bob for these lyrics

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