"Forgetting Is The Hardest Part" lyrics


"Forgetting Is The Hardest Part"

I writes songs it's not enough to shake myself from this rut
If you asked I couldn't find the words to describe how this hurts

Now I could drive 1000 times around this little town to which this night
With my answers appear always away, and my problems staring in my face

Now should I stumble in your house just to scream my lungs out
Cause, slurring, and blurring, don't you worry all of this is over soon

Now I think I need just one more drink of alcohol to make this right
I think when you can drink of all of your problems away
And I drink to kill braincells that make me think anything about you
So I can live without you

So now we're broken
These words they come like shards
Shattered and broken
Did they bend and burn?
Now it is your turn
Do you feel this pain?
That digs and plans to stay

Those promises you made
With time they will surely fail

Thanks to Rick for these lyrics

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