"What Is This Life?" lyrics


"What Is This Life?"

What is this life?
When you can’t stay here but you can’t go home,
Your stuck, your stuck… You’re fucking stuck!
What is this life?
Living off spare change, is it ever gonna’ change,
My pockets are as empty as your soul!

I’ve got no money, I’ve got no cash,
I’ll just waste my days, sitting on my ass,
I’ve got no money, I’ve got no cash,
So will you pick me up, pick me up and be my salvation!

What is this life?
Its all one big joke and I think I’m gonna’ choke,
But as long as I’ve got my tunes then I’ll be fine…

Here me now…
Spare some change man, spare some hope,
I need a little more for another line of coke,
I’m still numb, got no feelings I don’t care if I die,
Cause I’ll be alright once I’m flying high…
Show some love man, have a little heart,
I’m down on my luck and I don’t know where to start,
I’ve got the rude girls screaming, red stripe by my side,
Cops on my back… What is this life?


What is this life?
I got a hole in the head and I shoulda’ stayed in bed,
Life sucks, life sucks… life fucking sucks!
What is this life?
Everything’s gone wrong, another hit from the bong,
It clears my head and frees my mind so I feel alright…


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