"Too Many Cops, Too Little Justice" lyrics


"Too Many Cops, Too Little Justice"

(No looking back!)
You’ve crossed a thin blue line,
No honesty, integrity, reprisal for your crimes,
Your all thugs, the criminal class
Cause everybody knows that the law deals grass
There’s no trust, old habits die hard
Discriminate, incriminate just disregard for our rights,
We’ve got none anymore, a slap in the face for the rich mans whore!

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey… Another story of police brutality…
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey… Swing away and watch that sucker scream…

We won’t, back down,
Too many cops and too little justice,
Hold up, sit the fuck down,
This is your final hour now…

Just a gangster with a gun and a badge,
Your all power junkies with an ego to match, yeah
You throw your weight like a perp to the ground,
Take down our names then go in for the pound…
So tell me man when is it gonna’ stop?
Unlawful killing and a death by a cop, yeah
So jump around and move your feet,
An get on down to the crack rock steady beat!

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