"The Last Three Years" lyrics


"The Last Three Years"

Featuring Gang Control

The last three years, all wasted days,
From the top of the world to the middle of an ash tray
I hate my life, what I’ve become…
I look in the mirror and regret what I’ve just…
All this time I’ve been fading away,
Picking up roaches, friendships in decay, yeah
I need a change, it’s all the same
Stuck in a routine of going nowhere fast…

These last three years

Wish I could go back on my mistakes,
Cause living in the past is a waste of your headspace,
Put down the joint man, stop thinking back
Your getting deeper and deeper and going nowhere fast…

These last three years

I’ll wait, till the end of my days… (Why am I waiting?)
There’s nothing more for me to say…

In these last three years of mine,
I’ve wasted all my time,
Forgive yourself for your mistakes…
(Your mistakes!)
The key to progression, is realisation
Suck it up man, think of the future
It’s not all bad, just move forward
And forget these last three years…

Every day I wake up with a smile on my face,
But as the day goes on its fading away
Drinking and smoking and thinking too much
We’re supposed to grow up but what’s the rush?
I smoke weed every day!
To keep reality at bay, to keep the white coats at bay,
Torn between despair and the will to make a change,
But we keep the PMA and live to fight another day!

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