"Sent To Coventry" lyrics


"Sent To Coventry"

Grey buildings decay with an acid rain kiss,
Cracked city streets falling deeper into remiss,
I know it’s not much, but we call it home…
From the north-side, down to central!
Our city, our story, our dying scene,
Unity through music, is it all a dream?
There’s too much to divide, we’re running out of time,
Tell me where is your god now?

God doesn’t live here anymore,
There’s no better place, cause we’re all rotten to the core
And there’s no hope!
God doesn’t live here anymore,
An I still find it hard to believe, that we can’t all live in peace,
No there’s no hope!

Welcome to the city of peace and tranquility,
We roam the streets in a false reality,
Broken folk, from broken homes,
Broken dreams at the bottom of a bottle…
Grey people decay in their ignorant bliss,
This city is lost and no one will be missed,
I know it’s not much but we call it home…


No hope, no faith, it’s all been laid to waste,
No work, no play, the same shit every day,
Chewed up, spat out, were not the ones to blame,
No pride, just hate, good times have gone away!


Thanks to headchestorfoot for these lyrics

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