"Positive Drug Story" lyrics


"Positive Drug Story"

I light up another, my lungs start to fill
I pass to the left, I get handed a pill
I swallow the sucker with a swig of my beer
Living life on the edge cause the end is...

Now I’m stuck in the corner, I'm rushing like fuck
There's blurs all around me, I'm tryin' ta skin up
My hand's won't stop shaking, the pill's kicking in
I stand up n' cheer face possessed with a grin, yeah!

Pupil's dilated, my mind is a mess
I can't see for shit, I just have to guess
My legs feel like jelly, I can barely get up
Getting closer to death but I don't give a fuck

Dancing like rejects, the rush settles down
We're all getting along with no sign of a frown
Confidence fly's, heart to heart's all around
Now my feet have landed firmly on the ground

Vibin' to jungle taking hit's from the bong
This is our drug story, it's the name of the song
Now inhale the goodshit, send your troubles away
Skin up another zoot for the end of the day, yeah!

Positive drug story
Positive drug story
Positive drug story
Positive drug story

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