"Autocracy" lyrics



Don’t be fooled by the lies they feed,
They spread their poison and they’re planting their seed,
The BNP’s marching on our streets,
It’s gotta stop or histories doomed to repeat
Whatever happened to equality?
Brothers and sisters we were born to be free,
But still you judge our minority,
Just open your eyes, we can live in unity!

Fuck your hate filled policies, we won’t back down
The cancer of our society, let’s cut it out…
Let’s cut it out…

You’re the plague of our society,
The infestation of our towns and cities,
Mindless Nazis plague the street,
Lets smash it now before the countries on its knees…
Don’t get taken by the hate they preach
Stop the fascists, stop em’ spreading their reach
There’s to much fight and no retreat
It’s gotta stop, we’ll show you who’s elite!

Black and white equality, we’re standing proud
Fuck your hate filled autocracy,
You fly the flag, we’ll burn it down!

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