"Song To Persona" lyrics


"Song To Persona"

And it goes, like sunshine to snow
The bitterness inside with cause has been dethroned in my song to persona

St. Cecilia, I'll love you for all time
but our relationship lately has been no fruit, all rind
My heart can't take it and I've nowhere to go, so fix up your fuck ups

And know me, know me
Know me, 'cuz I know no I

Know me, Know me
Know me, 'cuz I know no I
Made hateful from lie after lie

And still it's my wish under all logistics to be loved and understood
It'll never be had. I've choked on every chance
I've watched the people of this world
The craftsmen, the crafted, the masses
of distracted rushing alters of cheap plastic
Innocent, blissful and bored. It's feared and desired

So know me, know me
Know me, 'cuz I know no I

So know me, know me
Know me, 'cuz I know no I

Know me, know me
You don't know me when you're telling lies
Your mistakes are many
But we forgive and we wait
We wait, we wait

We wait for times that set our souls on fire
We fill up the dead space with work we don't despise
Bestow on ourselves the quality control
We face the void and fill it. We face the challenge of being known
Because no one can know me like you

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