"His Devotee" lyrics


"His Devotee"

You have a way with light,
You make it long for you.
Soldier and his devotee,
The saddest light I've ever seen.

You have a way with silence,
beneath your pillow it lays sheathed.
Squeezing the worn leather handle
A smile finds you at midnight and you mouth "sweet familiarity".

I think,
This time,
You forget what's mightier than swords.
I hold,
The ace,
And when it shows I'm killing you with words.

You have an eye for the ill-fated.
In the mirror you learned to keep stabbing
Keep crying and keep turning stars into memories
Until the souls of sinners burn.

don't look
it's me
as bright as the whitest light can be
my world
my rules
one swift erase away from an amputee
swift erase away....
swift erase away....

my world, my rules
my world, my rules
my world
my world, my rules

you have a way with light
(you have a way with light)
you make it long for you
(you make it long for you)
soldier, and his devotee
the saddest light I've ever seen

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