"For Show" lyrics


"For Show"

All the setups that you've blown
Just being sorry for the outcome
Not the path that led you to

Did we build it up to last?
Through the looks we gave each other
One half candy, one half glass
No blanket statement
Can wash it out or away

They won't throw out a line for die-hards tonight
It'll take a night alone to know you're through

Cuz she don't cry for show
Oblivious, oblivious to you
She don't cry for show
Holding true, just as true as you

You feel like you did when you were young
You bought a zippo at the mall just to piss whomever off
But these instincts never hold
Long enough to buy the lighter fluid
So you spark it off alone

They don't throw out the line for die-hards
And that sparkling sense of self just weighs you down


They forgot about the die-hards
Bivouacked with a story to hold
We're not the only die-hards
We all think that we'll be the last one left to fold

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