"Drifting Thing" lyrics


"Drifting Thing"

Forgive me my ties, connections and loose ends
This is for the eyes buried in my neck
With a promise of the future, of the uncertain I play it so sure
Our drifting thing will someday land

And I could take you home
The lights would twitch and blow
And you could finally see
The "us" that we're supposed to be

When you picture me away, It's Alfie Elkins '66
But you didn't see my face when all the kids dancing brought down that place
I was more Alvy Singer
Each time you put me on the train I'm less and less sure you'll do it again
Don't do it again

'Cuz we could raise our flag
First hem the tattered edge
Close our eyes and be
In love at seventeen
(Close) Close our eyes and be
(Close) Close our eyes and be
(Close) Close our eyes and be in love at seventeen

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