"Another Night In The Rock" lyrics


"Another Night In The Rock"

Caught a glimpse of you tonight
Made my way through the crowd
Small talked my way out of sight
Made a face at you tonight
It's not what you thought
Not what you thought I was like
My view has been slightly pessimistic as of late
My heart and face are quite conflicted in this place
Another night, in "the rock"
Cold and alone
Inside of this full house
Tune it out until the calm comes home
Stayed up painting through the night
These white walls
What's funniest,
When morning comes the colors will be gone
Left a name and friends behind
They won't last long
I think I'm close to fine
Half a year until I know I'm wrong
Another night, another life
I looked hard into the dark reflection of a window
How sick or dead I looked in it that evening
I made friends with a cement structure close to where I live
Another night on the inside
Just waiting for these walls to give
Another life, another life

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