"Adam O" lyrics


"Adam O"

Anyone listen up
Felt as though I'd been screaming into the void
But it's enough for me

I wanna tell you something
I'm an actor
In the middle of production
This play takes place in a beach house
And my director gets a grand idea:

"Lets take rehearsal to the beach
In western NY
With nothing but Erie
Soak in the waves
Get in the mindset"

He didn't expect me to be so sad
Told him I belong on the road

When people take a year off after highschool
Some say they want to travel cross country
When asked why
Some reply "I want to find myself"
Well maybe those liars do

I didn't take a year off
But I made arrangements to lose myself
Over and Over
Only to be found again
I finally fell before too long now
It's funny how I'm reminded
By a Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake....
A fake fucking ocean in nowhere New York!

He didn't understand...
No, No, he didn't understand

I'll get over this

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