"Underage" lyrics



My decision spells deceased
But don't think that you won't get yours
The things I do and say are wrong
I won't be doing them very long
People that I know the best,
I hate them all the most
All the ones I've never met
They're the ones who were born to lose
Cirrhosis - I still drink it straight
Black lung - due to smoke and paint
H in heaven, hell and date
The end comes swift but still I wait
Jesus freaks screaming at me
Telling me to burn in hell
I hear what they say
I say there's no god
This is my life
This is my curse
This is my headache
It's getting worse
But for now I'll sit and think
In this great land of food and drink
The more bread you got, the less shit you eat
What you value really sucks
I'm so pissed my face is red
18 years of living dead
The things I do and say are wrong
I won't be saying them very long
Decisions screaming at me
Telling me to give it up!
I hear what they say, I say fuck yourself
Why don't you kill yourself
You're underage - you got no life
See that gun? Pick it up, cock the hammer back,
Pull the trigger and die!

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