"The Temple" lyrics


"The Temple"

Take my hand, now there's no turning back
Walk right up the path into the black
The city down below, shines up so bright
We can do it in the moonlight
Stare into the night, I see the truth
Take a drink and tell me who you've used
The stars up above shine down so bright
We can do it in the moonlight
He's the father, the son
The holy ghost, all rolled up into one
This town's souls been sold
This town's views are old
This town's grey and cold
This place to the west
This place I like the best
This place reeks of death
I used to think that the hills were full
Of rich little girls and their cheap little games,
Until one night something happened, occurred,
I cannot forget his name
I'm the seeker, I'm the finder,
I'm the cosmic teeth grinder,
My lord's calling me home,
And I stand all alone.

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