"Death Wish Kids" lyrics


"Death Wish Kids"

Day after day
same old thing
No goals no career
It's like a bad dream
Not confused
They know what it's about
Can't fit in
But they know the way out
Just a child trying to survive
Now he's pissed that he's still alive
Shooting speed with a twelve year old
Listening to the death pacts that he told
Some turned on me, some left me cold
It might sound sick. What did you expect?
Death wish kids
You may think it's sad
But I think he's the best friend I ever had
Just like that took all your life
Growing rich with dignity
It sounds sicker if you ask me
I know a kid who's got
Darker things to do
Death wish kids
From day one, nothing but sorrow
He's trying to laugh because he wants to cry
He's all alone it shows in his eyes
Trying to do the best he can
Watch this death wish boy
becoming a death wish man

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