"The Endless War" lyrics


"The Endless War"

Have I already told you it's a true story
Sausan's 14 years old, Israel battered babies,
Put them in prison, battered again,
Which of Humans or God chose this way?

She was mugged by 4 soldiers at a military checkpoint,
She lost consciousness, hospitalized,
Sausan will never be the same,
Psychological problems, recurrent nightmares.
Neither police nor army led serious investigation,
Now she's epileptic, she's in jail
They bounded her hands and feet, blindfolded,
Face full of bruise and bloody ankles.

Bloody war, what a whore, 1 god for different names,
Can't you understand in money they trust,
In power they trust, in leadership they trust,
Not in god you trust.
Religions get some good ideologies built on respect,
But people greedy for power destructed credibility
Of this philosophy, this men are guilty.

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