"The Ballad Of Tony Montana" lyrics


"The Ballad Of Tony Montana"

Landed on US shores nineteen hundred and eighty
The Mariel Boatlift, exiled from my home
Like many Cubans gone before
A chance to chase the American dream

But these American dogs treat us like filth
Like animals we are hidden away
Under underpasses, away from the eyes
To a place we cant help but stay

Straight to Freedom Town with Manny by my side
But the cost to gain true freedom
Robenga dies by the knife
welcome to this country, Cuba's son

With this green card I will be free
I am here on foreign soil to stake my claim
A man this country does not want to see
The world is mine to take

So I work in a food stand
Patiently waiting for my next command
But as I lay and wait I see
Money, cars and power leaving prestigious night clubs

What have they got that I don't have?

Then one night things quiet down
The man that we have waited on he finally comes to call
Go meet the Colombians for a powder deal
That's how I roll.

2 kilos and 5 grand will soon be ours.

If there is one thing that I hate
It's Colombians, they never have my trust
And as I leave there with the money and dope
I can see that I am right

That's how I roll.

And now on to see Frank, the man who I call boss
To show him all the spoils and the list of the dead
We mourn together and drink to their demise

Then she came into my life
Like an angel, a queen
She comes down from above
Like an angel, a queen
Like an angel, a queen, a vision of true love
As soon as my eyes meet hers
The words around me they become blurred

Although she doesn't feel it too
Soon she will succumb
Our hearts will blend together
Our minds will become one

Like an angel, a queen
Like an angel, a queen, a vision of true love
As soon as my eyes meet hers
The words around me they become blurred

She doesn't feel it too
No she doesn't feel it too

What do you think of him?
A peasant that will make us look weak
But get a guy like that
And for you he will break his fucking back

This town is like a pussy just waiting to get fucked
If I had been 10 years I'd have a million bucks
The women they come crawling if I just open my mouth
Manny and I are here to take it all

Momma, look at the size of her
The last time that I saw you
You were only four feet tall
Gina I missed you dear

Oh Tony, I never thought I'd see you again

They wont keep a guy like me down
So take this money here, go buy some pretty things
And make sure you buy some for momma too

Tony, I never thought I'd see you again

Off to Bolivia, the Plurinational State
To meet with Alejandro Sosa
The cocaine kingpin and man of his word
Omar found out much to late

Hanging from a chopper
A liar, a snitch, a cheat and a big fake
I never liked anyway
This deal we can still make

Let me go back to Frank
Discuss what we have said
And explain why it's a good deal
Why that motherfuckers dead

But believe me Mr Sosa
I've heard every single word
You I will not fuck with
Your wise words they have been heard

All I have in my life is my balls and my word

Frank the time is now
This business we must expand
The whole operation
Frank the time is now
It's in the palm of our hand

With this deal alone
75 million we will make
Fuck all the others
In this deal they have no stake

A deal for 18 million
And you don't even check
Are you crazy Montana
What exactly is it that you see?

You stall this deal with Sosa
We must fly low and fly straight
To will last in this business
Tony listen to what I say

This motherfucker thinks I'm a liar
Thinks I would go behind his fucking back
How simple is that?
Well now that I am out here on my own

There is one thing that I want

She came into my life, like an angel, a queen
She came down from above
Like an angel, a queen,
Soon she will become
The mother of our children
Our lives have become one

Like an angel, a king
The man that I now love
I know that my heart is now his
His love surrounds me, makes my life complete
Yes I know now he feels it too
Oh I can tell he feels it too

The club is my home tonight, Gina makes me sick
My kid sister shows me no respect
Manny keeps his eye on her and my back just the same
Another cop leech wants his cheque

And who am I to care, money is no object
While the jail cell remains empty I am free
These men they will come knocking every day into
This corrupt city that lays by the sea

My true love arrives later and I seek the one that I adore
And the man that I call boss walks straight back out the door
The one thing that gives orders in this life
Is balls and he has none

I must send my Gina home after striking her down
Manny takes her in his ride, my one friend I can depend
He knows there is a boundary, a line he cannot cross
And I will drink into the night, I will drink until the end

Manny I see the way you look at me, I am not blind and neither is my love

Gina, Tony and I are like brothers, you cannot be mine, we simply cannot be

Are you afraid of Tony? Or are you afraid of me? The one who loves you so

I'm not afraid of anybody, the point you cannot see, so keep your eyes away from me

Machine guns pour and I escape
This is the work of my old boss
This was his last mistake
There was a line he should not cross

I pick up the phone up to Manny
We make our move so fast
Strike back at this man Lopez
His power it will not last

A man without his word
Is nothing but a cockroach
No second chances this time round

Tony please don't kill me

Not today I ain't gonna kill
Get the fuck away from me
Manolo, shoot that piece of shit
First you get the money
(This world is yours)
Then you get the power
(This world is yours)
Then you get the women
(This world is yours)
I took them on and won the girl

First you get the money
(This world is yours)
Then you get the power
(This world is yours)
Then you get the women
(This world is yours)
Gina I know you are the one

The money comes in thick and fast
The yayo is my bread winner
But these fucking banks are the real crooks
The real sinner

But this time round I have been stung
The money is stacked up high
A badge is pulled, a gun is cocked
These fucking cops they sure know how to lie

These fuckers ain't got nothing on me
And they know it, so do I
Just wait till they meet my lawyer
He'll fuck their dreams sky high

But there is one man who can solve my woes
Sosa is his name
A man of his word that I can trust
With one call and this will all be done

Back to Bolivia, to try and save my fate
To find a way to start things over
Help kill a man, who wants to bring us all down
Then all my woes will be over

Tony, why cant you see?
What have we become
This world that we both live
Is no place for a son

The drugs and the power
They have made you blind
And I want nothing more
Than to move on with my life

I'm leaving you

This is goodbye

This world needs people like me
So everyone can point their finger
And say that's the bad guy
In that case what does that make you?

Good? No, you just know how to hide it
Me? I don't have that problem
I always manage to tell the truth
Even when I lie

The day has come
The day is here
To take a life
To save my own
This man must die
He must die today
To hell and back
He must be blown

No woman no kids
That is the deal
And on that truth
You can't appeal
Fuck you Alberto
You sick little fuck
And fuck Sosa too
Your both out of luck

You don't have the guts
To look him in the eye
As you kill his family
I will never be that guy
You fucking fuck
I'll kill you fucking now
You wouldn't fucking listen
Look at you now

If Sosa wants to go to war
Then who am I to argue
He told me a long time ago
Not to fuck with him

But if it is war he wants
A war I will provide
No-one fucks with Tony Montana
Or they die

I need to find my sister
Long gone is my wife
She must stand beside me
Gina is now my life

When I come to find her
In the arms of another
I lose my thoughts and so much more
The man he is my brother

Tony I love her cant you see
Our hearts they do glow red

Fuck you Manny you fucking fuck
I'll kill you fucking dead

Has it really come to this
My brother and my sister are dead
Gina and Manny married
For me that was too much

I have killed them both on this night
This powder! My corrupt mind
So I take one last inhale
Because I know what is to come

Come and find me Sosa
Now my family is dead
My wife is gone and I am here
Where Gina's blood has bled

Take your best shot Sosa
At this Cuban king
Who made a billion dollars
But came without a thing

If you want to fuck with me
Your fucking with the best
My name will not die tonight

And if you want to play games
I will play until the end
But fuck you all, fuck the world

And say hello to my little friend

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