"Pull The Trigger" lyrics


"Pull The Trigger"

Time won’t forgive won’t forget
Those bullshit fairy tales
Painted on your back
Running for your life

Don’t try to hide from the truth
Inside those photographs
Nothing to declare
To justify the knife

Bleeding from the heart you say you are so sorry
This was not my fault
Please you must believe me
You took our lives into your hand and showed no mercy
Justice must be done
But you are not the only one

Lies don’t depend on the truth
To prove significance
Playing on our fears
To generate the facts

Proud to be known as the man
Who taught the world to kill
In perfect harmony
Like it’s a way of life

Pleading for your life we think you’re almost sorry
Crying not my fault
These people they deceived us
Take this gun into your mouth and pull the trigger
Justice must be done
But the war has just begun

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