"Sad World" lyrics


"Sad World"

I have been replaced by vanity's face.
Now I'll fix you into a body that you hate,
I'll make you work the fields where your friends were made.
I'm bitter and my intentions are cynical,
every word dishonest and intentional.

While everyone looks so lonely from above,
my artificial heart is sick of "love."

We live in a sad world, but I'm not a sad man.
I'm thankful for the ones I "love", my family and friends.
We live in a sad world, but I'm not a sad man.
I believe that we've lost touch, that's all.

All the people here are assembled in factories.
We all work, eat, sleep, repeat. Everyone is a machine.
All the people here are sporting looks of fallacy.
We believe we're free but I'm still beating my heart to the rhythm of hypnopedia.

I once was a rare find, you were the metaphors I hid behind.
I once was missed but now I, I don't exist.
I masqueraded myself to bits in my mind.

What happened to my brain?
It must've been washed away on my last soma holiday.
What happened to my brain?
We're all being washed away a gramme a day.
So maybe I'll decide to submerge myself,
dilute my mind and float alongside everybody else.

We live in a sad world, but I'm not sad man.
I'm serene and I accept the things that I cannot mend.
If there's a light in this world, clear a path for all my friends
and help me change the things I can. I want to believe there's more.
More than this.
I wanna believe there's more.

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