"Grand Central" lyrics


"Grand Central"

I hate the way you talk to him as if he's the only one
I hate the way you leave me out you leave me nowhere going
I won't wait for you to come back to me

It's already said
You're already gone
Running through my head
Memories are lost

Forget the way you said to me
"We'd be okay, you'd never leave"
Forget the time that we would share
Forget the things I did for you
'Cause you don't even care

I hate the way you complain to me about everything all at once
I hate the way you think you can get anything that you want
And I wait, wait for you to come back to me, because I hate the way
You let me go ad I'll never know why you let me down
I guess we're better off now


And you won't be around to hear me saying this right now.


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