"Don't Exist" lyrics


"Don't Exist"

I remember when we were young
And I showed signs of a promising love,
I could hear church bells ringing
But they never rang for us because
I could never learn to trust or commit,
So you wrote that you would carry
All the love for the both of us,
At the time I thought this would be enough,
I'll just wallow in some dying lust,
I remember when I was insane,
When I thought people didn't change.

I thought we were making progress,
But your body language contradicts
Your monologue of pretext so I'll admit,
I'm losing interest and my love was a pretense,
I'm tired of these failing attempts to balance myself
Between what you want and the opinions of everyone else.
I keep rewinding progress. I know I'm a fiasco.

But it's not your fault, we were young and impressionable.
Though the man that you love doesn't love you at all,
He's still a good man. I'm still a good man. I guess.

Well I'll look at all the lonely people.
They say it's all my fault, that I'm alone because
I'm tenacious and I do not care.
So I'll just ignore the lonely people.
To them I know I don't exist.

I'm losing all my best friends, we were all hypocrites.
I'm losing all my best friends and I don't exist.

Thanks to camilalien for these lyrics

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