"A Convenient Literary Device For Ending Short Stories And Books" lyrics


"A Convenient Literary Device For Ending Short Stories And Books"

I've lost my desire for faulty love
Along comes the taste of an obsession I'm unfamiliar with
I can't let this lust for indecency occupy my mind
But I'm preoccupied with jealousy, thoughts of sodomy and practicalities

Change everything about yourself you've grown to love
Feign all the qualities that make you who you are
Nobody wants to see you flaunting your flaws and imperfections
It's tacky, it's blasphemous

How am I supposed to make new friends?
I can't even keep the ones I'm with
My inept disposition keeps me immune, alone
Make your problems edible
Chew them up and swallow
I hope that I can stomach this fleeting loneliness

I'm unsure what makes a man, but I'm lacking something evident
I luxuriate in deviance to compensate incompetence
Life has been constructed of let downs and wretched love
I'm skeptical of everyone
I've held them in contempt except for one
But one is not enough
One is not enough
One is not enough
One is not enough

And though I have tried to extract your thoughts from mine
You've somehow manage to alter my mind

Miss anonymous, I'm impressed by the way you carry yourself
So delicate, you're elegant and intricate and discerning
Miss anonymous, I hate to admit but I'm turned on by your intellect
Your subtleties, you're complex yet a perfect fit
You're eccentric and mentally deranged like me

Miss synonymous, momentarily we are placed symmetrically
Every breath you take, you take in sync with me, it's makeshift chemistry
Miss synonymous, we are awkwardly polar opposites
You are pertinent, I'm completely irrelevant
And though your touch is stimulating, it's nothing new to me

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