"The Angry Sleepers (Pt. 1)" lyrics


"The Angry Sleepers (Pt. 1)"

Quiero que sepas que al evocarte,
(I want you to know that when I evoke you)
Se van las penas del corazon
(The sorrows of my heart disappear)

Everyone must go
Everyone must go
Mi Buenos Aires querido

I visit you in the distant skies of my mother's eyes
I visit you in the dead-end dreams of my father's sleepless nights

You will awaken, eyes full of hope
With the remembering, you do so well

Everyone must go
Everyone must go
Mi Buenos Aires querido

Del Sur, del Este, del Oeste, del Norte, convergen los caminos que me han traido a
mi secreto centro. Esos caminos fueron ecos y pasos, mujeres, hombres, agonias,
resurrecciones, dias y noches, entresuenos y suenos, cada infimo instante del
ayer y de los ayeres del mundo, la espada y la luna, los actos de los muertos, el
compartido amor, las palabras, la nieve y tantas cosas. Ahora puedo olvidarlas.
Llego a mi centro, a mi algebra y mi clave, a mi espejo. Pronto sabre quien soy.

(From the South, the East, the West, the North, converge the paths that have
brought me to my secret center. Those paths have been echoes and steps, women,
men, agonies, resurrections, days and nights, between-dreams and dreams, every
infinite instant of yesterday and of the yesterdays of the world, the sword and the
moon, the actions of the dead, the shared love, the words, the snow and so many
things. Now i can forget them. I reach my center, my algebra and my key, my mirror.
Soon i will know who i am.)

Haunted by the ghost of Monroe and a host of other bastards
Dragging their bloody hands over miles and miles of sacred lands

Mi Buenos Aires querido, pronto sabre quien soy

Mi Buenos Aires querido
Paris, Budapest, Watts 1965
History's protracted engagement
A thousand flash points of light
War is on, it's a thousand on one
They're on the run, it's merely a question of time

Everyone must go
Eyes so full of: never forget to remember
But what are memories without a recourse?
What's a past without a future?

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