"Got It Bad" lyrics


"Got It Bad"

In the middle of the night
As it comes and goes
She whips a sound to a spell
Six times like I've never known
And she kiss me so tender
She move like the wind
And her hallways are full of portraits
Of all of her best friends
So we twist and intangible
To a soft medley
She grabs a long stem rose and whips her blood on me
So I wait and I wonder, will she come again
To haunt this heart of mine with spells that drown from within

As I journey up hillside
Mist the fog I could see
My love alone in a daze
Dangling from a tree
Softest palest of skin
Softest blue of eye
And her last words a whisper
To whom which need no reply
Won't you save me my darling
For death is all I can see
She crafted and hung herself a noose
From once was once our swing
So I fell to my knees and I curse the night
You can still smell the foul stench of death
That haunts these hills to this night

She got it bad
She got it bad
She got it bad
The sweet romance

She got it bad
She got it bad
She got it bad
The sweet romance

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