"Chopper" lyrics



I wrote this crazy doing 90 on the highway
The sunshine it scabs my skin
I'm craving drugs
I'm craving sex
I'm craving caffeine
I said fuck it and I tied myself in
I saw the noose
I saw the dirt
I saw the duct tape
But what's it matter when you don't give a shit
You want something good
You want something bad
You want something bitter
How about something that's just gonna make you sweat

We hit the cliff
That's when things got real hot
Took out my pistol and I pointed it high
Who wants to live who wants to die
Who wants a sacrifice
Their heads are down and they don't know why
So tell us all so tell me again Mr. Revelator
How's one process such fine physique
You want to learn to love
You want to learn to die
You want to learn to suffer
You gotta learn it's not so tongue and cheek

Where's your country now
Where's your countrymen
Where's your country's son
Dear god Uncle Sam

I'm creating chaos on my own
I'm creating chaos oh my

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