"No Ghosts" lyrics


"No Ghosts"

Voices circling 'round my head.
They're always screaming.
In the past they used to whisper
"Will you always be there for me?"
Dives into it's end.

I've got this feeling wrapped around my neck
like something in me is about to snap.
Always lucid. Always numb.
Like nothing's firing in my head

There are no ghosts, only cameras and wires.

I'm scared to take off all my clothes
I'm scared to eat a piece of meat
My webcam watches when I fuck.
Rotting from the inside
This downward spiral, facing out.

It's a necessary evil
Consequences all the same
Ideological in theory
but non-sequitur in nature
Over-stipulated and stepped
way out of bounds
with the Illusion of the
right to choose.
And our teeth are always grinding
'gainst the foil and the slate
bleeding fingers out to dry
writing letters to our congressman
this situation has been overthrown before
but someone's pissing in our beers again.

Thanks to Atreides for these lyrics

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