"Losing The Sum" lyrics


"Losing The Sum"

Reaching out, frigid in our
Hearts we're found
Lost in space, in our minds,
in the clutch of society.
We make a truth, we make a lie,
valued matterial fantasy.

It's all, such a vicious game
We waste tommorows' lives,
esteeming names. We ascend above,
we will cast away, we lose the sum.
Yeah lose the sum and... Let it go.

Start the flames, dream white fences, glow with rage.
What you own, owns you instead.
With sickness burning through our minds we press ahead.
But then cost, isn't clearly read, we lose the sum,
Yeah lose the sum and... Let it go

Start, resist, fall from this, and return.
Contact, lets turn the heat up.
Like on a shore, we stand on an edge.
Here where we take, there where we pledge.
To overcome, to take a stand, to lose the sum
To lose the sum.

Let it go. As we fall,
from sickness in our heart,
And we're still falling.

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