"The Struggle Continues" lyrics


"The Struggle Continues"

Thousands of miles away and I cannot get a job
Well I'd rather be fighting in Lima cause my
backs against the wall. Theres a broken old
mill town here, and a ratty village there that
seized the lion's den while they were eating
the lion's share
Support Peruvian rebels
The political prisoner must be let go. Cause
as they wine and dine their way they steal
the food right from your throat. Have they ever
been hungry? Have they ever been cold? Heads
of the state held hostage in their won home
You can claim you're Red or Black now.
But they both get scarred by the whip they crack out
Some are age 14 with a mind and a gun yeah
The most beautiful thing under the sun yeah
And the message won't be lost. For the mighty
hours that you fought out there. We'll pass and kick
the word along now. With the roots and
folklore of this song now
We'll take your message to our streets...
Support Peruvian Rebels.

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