"Cruelty Free" lyrics


"Cruelty Free"

Correct me if I'm wrong
but doesn't your label read
A statement of hypocrisy,
of capitalistic greed?
Isn't a lie to say your
products cruelty free
With all the wage slaves
suffering from your cupidity?
I'm glad to see your abandoning your
animal testing past. But what about
your exploitation of the working class?
What about the toilers from which you
get ingredients? What about the
families that depend on their pittance?
What about the labor force you utilize
overseas? What about the prisoners in
foreign factories? What about the
teamsters that distribute for you?
What about the cruelty
that they are subject to?
This pretense is the fault of every
citizen. That believes in the system
that you've invested in. We realize
you will never surrender tyranny
But your money won't do any good
against solidarity.
Break apart your fetters, workers of
the lands. The means of productions
belong in your hands, not in the claws
of a rich minority. That secures its
dominance through state and industry.
The labor union has allowed a step in
gaining control. Why not use this
strength towards the long term goal?
We must dispose of social corpulence
and usurpation. We must look to
strength through our organization.

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