"Without Me" lyrics


"Without Me"

People come and go
There's a lot of places believe me
I know worth going to worth leaving from
But please take me when you leave
Or believe in me and stay

If I said I couldn't go on living without you
Now that would be a lie
But if you knew how it looks inside
My head my house is really bad enough
But this is really bad it's pretty bleak
And I'll be very sad at the least if
You decide to leave

Without me

Cuz this only happens once in a great while
Five or ten times in a lifetime
Maybe less, I don't know
But I don't want to blow my chance this time around

I shouldn't be so worried
I mean we just met but just like the first time
You saw me you said,
"Now there's a guy who never sticks around"
I guess we have that much in common
And that's why you hunted me down

Isn't that sweet?
Please don't leave
Without me

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