"I Am The Stranger" lyrics


"I Am The Stranger"

I'm glad you taught your kids my name
They scream it as they run away

They say it's getting worse out there
Let me welcome you to the climate of fear
I am the stranger

Your paranoia created me
A picture perfect scary freak
A violent drugged out two-bit thief
Just like they show them on T.V.

You lock your car door when I walk by
You won't even look me in the eye

I walk alone down the street at night
Triggering every sensor-security light
I am the stranger

You lock me out of your world
But you wont leave me alone
Concerned neighbors call the cops on me
For going into my own home

Look at you, you're scared of life
Just waiting to be killed, saying
"If I don't call the cops on you my neighbor will"
But your neighbor
Is the stranger

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