"Hey Now" lyrics


"Hey Now"

Hey now I'm laughing at you
Cuz you're stomping around,
You want everyone to know that you're feeling down.
Did you have a bad day?
Did you have a bad day?
Well I know you did,
You've always had a bad day,
And you always feel the need to complain,
And you always throw a fucking tantrum
When things don't go your way...

Hey I'm coughing up blood
I'm fucking sick as a dog
And my band broke up and I lost my job!!
Do you feel that way too?
Did that also happen to you?
Well I know it did,
It's always worse with you,
And you say you've "Been feeling sick too",
And you got no sympathy got no empathy
In your self-important point of view...

Hey well sometimes life really does suck,
But why can't you learn to laugh at your bad luck?
Do you want to be depressed?
Do you want to drown in lonliness?
Well I guess you do,
You seem to love being in a bad mood,
And pouting and stomping through the room,
And expecting everyone
To drop what they're doing and come and comfort you.

Ha! Like we don't have better things to do.
Gimme a break.
Et cetera.

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